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Top 3 Signs That Wasps & Bees Are Invading Your Property

We have all seen the furry yellow and black striped bees flying around that buzz as they fly by to land on colorful flowers collecting nectar. While many homeowners try to plant inviting flowers and bushes in their yards to entice bees and pollinate their gardens, homeowners need to watch for signs that bees may be starting a new colony and building new hives on their property.  Although bees are usually less dangerous than other pests such as wasps, bees can cause property destruction, allergic reactions to their stings, or in aggressive colonies they can cause significant stings traveling in large groups.  Here are three signs to watch for on your property to prevent wasp & bee infestations.

 Clusters of Wasps or Bees

   Bees & Wasps start swarming together as the weather warms up and they start reproducing to establish new colonies, queens and workers. When you see wasps or bees swarming on your property there is a good chance they will be searching for a new place to build their hive. If your property is small, you have children or pets or if the swarms are anywhere near your home or outbuildings you will want a professional to come remove the wasp nest or  find a secure new home for at the bee swarm.

  Wasps or Bees crawling into holes in siding, bricks and weather siding on homes

   If you notice even a couple wasps or bees that seem to be sneaking into a hole in your outside wall, you need wasp nest removal so call a professional pest removal company as soon as possible. The wasps or bees are starting to build a hive in the walls or ceilings of your home and ruining the structure of your home. A hive inside your wall can ruin your woodwork, weaken the structure, and make an awful mess with the hive being built and honey running down the interior of your walls.

 A weird buzzing noise coming from the walls

   By the time you can hear wasps & bees buzzing in your walls; you know that there is a major nest in your wall so hire a wasp nest removal company fast. The wall will need to be opened by the professional and the entire swarm and hive removed. Then the interior will need to be cleaned, deodorized and returned to pre-swarm condition, including bee & wasp proofing along your exterior walls.

   Remember if you see any signs of unusual wasp or bee behavior call WASP NEST REMOVAL TORONTO and ask about our wasp &bee management services. Additionally, you can contact us after hours at your convenience through our website with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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